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Reiff Brothers Excavating was officially formed as a company in 2008, but the story actually begins over ten years earlier. Around 1996, Lamar Reiff, who was 13 years old at the time, enjoyed building crafts and small furniture in part of his father’s blacksmith shop. Within a year or two, his focus had shifted to building larger pieces of furniture using antique lumber and barn boards.

By 1999, at age 16, the business had grown to the point that a larger facility was needed which, with the help of his family, was completed in 2000. His neighbor, David Brubaker, became the first official employee. The furniture business continued to grow in the early 2000s and became known as Rustic Country Heirlooms.

For several years, antique lumber was mainly obtained from demolition and salvage contractors in the area. As Lamar’s younger brothers became more involved in the business, they began to wonder why they were buying the lumber instead of salvaging the barns themselves. And so began Reiff Brothers.

Within a year or two Reiff Brothers  had grown from salvaging a barn here and there to a full-time demolition crew. Growing requests came from property owners asking for the removal of the foundations of the buildings being razed and the excavation of the land for a new building or grading off the site. In 2010 we purchased our first crusher and since then have continued to expand in our business in excavation, demolition, and crushing.

Most recently, Reiff Brothers has expanded its business to Perry County in Liverpool, Pennsylvania with the addition of a lumber warehouse and sawmill in 2015. A demolition crew and excavation services were added to this location in 2017 and 2018, respectively.


At Reiff Brothers, we take every job seriously.  Whether a one-day project or complete sitework for multi-million dollar projects, you can rest assured of fair treatment and quality workmanship throughout your project, from start to finish.

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Reclaimed Materials

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Reclaimed Material Notes:

  • Materials are represented as accurately as possible. All dimensions are close approximations and/or averages.
  • Please expect variation and waste as you are dealing with reclaimed, antique materials.
  • Please call to confirm availability and to place orders. Our online inventory is may not be accurate up to the minute.
  • Width and thickness measurements are in inches, length measurements in feet.
  • Piece or Pack Widths greater than 25″ are bulk (layer width) measurements. The quantity in such cases represents the number of layers in the given pack, not an actual piece count (or width).  
  • Lumber with thicknesses of 1.5″ and greater is listed in board feet; lumber less than 1.5″ is listed in square feet.


Reiff Brothers offers mobile crushing of rock, concrete and asphalt with our compact crushers. The crushers are legal width for transporting, which make them cost efficient and ideal for many job sizes and situations. Upon completion of your crushing job, you will be left with a crushed material that is well suited for driveways, parking lots, or building pads.

Whether a one-day job or month-long project, we offer solutions to save you time and money. Before you pay to get your unwanted rock or concrete buried for future generations to unearth, give us a call for a free quote to transform your debris into valuable reconstruction materials.

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Reiff Brothers offers a broad range of demolition services for residential, industrial, and agricultural projects as well as antique barn salvage. We reclaim, reuse, and recycle as much as we can and pass the savings on to you.

You could say we’ve always been “green”.

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