Reiff Brothers offers a broad range of demolition services for residential, industrial, and agricultural projects as well as antique barn salvage. We reclaim, reuse, and recycle as much as we can and pass the savings on to you.

You could say we’ve always been “green”.

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Antique Barn Salvage

Salvaging an antique barn takes conscientious care and skill, with a commitment to preserving its special place in history, its community and often, in peoples hearts. We recognize both the aesthetic and historic value of these structures. With that in mind, we make every effort to retain the weathered patina during the salvage process as we remove the lumber in an energy- and cost-efficient manner. In the end, we help to protect historical lumber, your resources, and our environment.


The experience and systems Reiff Brothers brings to updating or dismantling outdated agricultural buildings, allow our customers to save money. Our demolition crews have the skill and knowledge to dismantle your building safely and efficiently, reusing and recycling everything possible. We have personnel dedicated to the sale of salvaged materials including trusses, fans, motors, metal sheeting, and more.

We are also experts in handling antique barn salvage projects. Read more here.


We bring years of experience to every demolition project whether you are preparing to build your dream home or cleaning up a new acquisition. We have the expertise to determine what is salvageable (i.e., antique lumber, appliances, copper, hardwoods, and more) for our clients. We have the equipment to handle any concrete, rock, or asphalt that is part of your project.

If you are rebuilding, know that we offer excavation services as well.


Industrial demolition projects have a vast range of size and complexity. Reiff Brothers has the skill and equipment to handle the simplest to the most complex commercial and industrial demolition jobs. Have a steel frame building that needs to come down? Or a cement block building? How about a poured concrete structure with rebar and stainless steel liner?  We have handled these and many more unusual demolition projects.